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Manage Forms - Quick Start Guide

Forms Builder --> Manage Forms

What This Does

Creates a new form for your web site that collects information from users and sends to the assigned recipients via email. Can also be cataloged in a database.
To access the Forms Builder select Manage Forms from the Modules tab.

Forms menu.png

Create/Edit a new form

Enter the form Name and a Page URL if you would like it to be something different than the page name. If you wish the form to be available right away on your site, click yes for Active. If you are not ready yet for the form to be available, click no. Select the Create Std. Form button, this will create a form with standard input fields already added for you.

Forms builder.png

You will see your new form appear in the Manage Existing Form section to the left of the page. Select the Record Edit icon to add, edit or remove form fields within the form. Select the Configure icon (gear image) to choose who receives the form responses and how it is handled by the server.