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Welcome to CMATION ® Documentation

The purpose of this wiki is to teach you the benefits to using CMATION ® and how to use it.

The information contained in this wiki is a general outline of various features of the Cmation® content management system (CMS) that you will be using to manage your website. Because this system is so versatile and flexible, some users may have features that others do not. If you do not have access to certain features you see included in the documentation you do not have that feature enabled.

In other cases your account may have features that were designed specifically for your account, in which case specialized documentation will be provided directly to your account administrator.

If you wish to upgrade your account or add more functionality to your website, please contact your website administrator.

Typical CMS content: General: Manage Content Manage Contact Info Manage Polls Manage Newsletter Manage Calendar Manage Images Admin Main Page Backup Data Directory Tools: Manage Directory Manage Slideshows: Edit Slideshows Documentation Manage Configuration Administration: Manage Database Manage Database AJAX Manage Links Import Database Manage Configuration Users: Manage Users Manage Users Perms User Info: Edit Profile Log Out

If you need further assistance please look through the provided documentation. If you still cannot find an answer to your question, you may contact the Cmation® support staff at

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