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Tutorials: How to Send a Newsletter

This guide will walk you through how to send a newsletter through CMATION.

To keep things simple we will ONLY show you how to send a newsletter.

Go to notes to view other tutorials about the newsletter module.

Also this tutorial assumes you have a template already setup and a list to send the newsletter to.


  • Newsletter Module must be installed (if it's not installed please call support)
  • Need to have at least 1 member subscribed to your newsletter list.

Part A - Sign into CMATION:

  • Sign into CMATION

Example domain name for this tutorial CMATION URL for that domain would be


Part B - Locate the Newsletter Module

  • Under the general tab on the left look for the link Manage Newsletter.
  • Click the link to open the newsletter module.

If you do not see it here are some troubleshooting options:

    • Verify that your website has this module enabled.
    • Verify that your user has permissions to access this module.

Part C - Start Composing Newsletter

  • This is the newsletter module overview screen
  • Now click the "Compose Newsletter" link.
  • This will take you to the Step 1 screen.

Step 1: Name Your Newsletter

  • This first screen will ask you to "Name your Newsletter" this is for internal purposes and the public will not see what you name it. On the newsletter overview screen will be a list of past newsletters you have sent or ones pending being sent. The name that is displayed is the name that you enter on this screen.
  • Click Save & Continue

Step 2: Select the Newsletter Template

This screen allows you to set who the newsletter will appear that it is from (the name and the email address) as well as the subject

  • Select the template you wish to use
  • Click Save & Continue

Step 3: Set the Newsletter Email Headers

This screen allows you to set who the newsletter will appear that it is from (the name and the email address) as well as the subject

  • Enter the Sender Name
  • Enter the Sender Email Address
  • Enter the Email Subject (The subject that will show in the email program)
  • Click Save & Continue

Step 4: Select the Newsletter List

This screen will allow you to select the list you want to send the newsletter. It also lets you select multiple lists at the same time. Since the Newsletter Module allows you to have a theoretically infinite number of lists your list of newsletter lists may be long.

  • Select the list(s) you wish to sent the newsletter to
  • Click Save & Continue

Step 5: Edit your Newsletter Content

  • Click Save & Continue

Part D - Sending Your Newsletter - Various Options

Step 6:

Step 7:

  • Save & Schedule


Other tutorials about the newsletter module available